Open Android Backup

A complete, easy to use script that lets you locally backup and restore your Android device.

Formerly called Linux Android Backup.

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Why Open Android Backup?

Truly Cross-Platform

Open Android Backup can back up and restore devices on Linux, macOS and Windows. This ensures that you are not locked in to a single operating system due to this script.

Compression & Encryption by Default

Your backups and metadata such as file names are automatically encrypted and archived using the best compression settings. This means that you don't need to worry about not having enough disk space to backup your Android phone.

Semi-Wireless Backups

Malfunctioning cable? You can wirelessly connect your phone to your computer and back up your device without having to worry about the connection being unstable. Note that a cable is still needed for setup.

And more...

What is backed up?

SMS Messages.*

Photos and videos in their original quality.

Internal storage - includes Signal backups, downloads, and other important data.

All contacts, exported in the open CSV format.

Call logs, exported into a text file.*

Installed applications.*

*SMS messages and call logs cannot be restored at the moment. App data is not saved due to Android restrictions.

Try it! Pick your favorite flavor.

Discover more details and features on the GitHub repository!

GitHub Repository